In summer 2019, the new F//LINE 33 will emerge on the scene. A stunning combination of Fairline brand pedigree and intricate Italian styling. It will turn heads and it will turn hearts. The Mancini design language defines the F//LINE 33?s soul and spirit. The expansive foredeck and the luxurious cockpit. The innovative fold down transom and spacious lower deck. These elements place the F//LINE 33 firmly in the future. Inside, full-standing height ceilings and interior lighting replicating natural daylight provide the finishing touches. Hand polished, deep lacquered woodwork. Elegant interior finishes. The renowned Fairline DNA can be found in every part of the F//LINE 33, thanks to intelligent, passionate and considered British craftsmanship. Contemporary, adventurous and charismatic.


Length of hull: 32´ 9" (9.99m)
Dry weight (approx.): 6.6 tonnes / 7.4 US tons (6,710kg)
Beam (exc. gunwale): 11´ 6” (3.5m)
Number of berths: 2 - 4
Draught: 2´ 10" (0.87m)
Height above waterline (inc. arch & nav. light mast): 7´ (2.13m)
Fuel capacity: 150 gallons / 180 US gallons (680 litres)
Water capacity (inc. calorifier): 44 gallons / 52 US gallons (200 litres)
Range (fully loaded): 200 nautical miles
CE Classification: Category C
Capacity (with T-Top): 8 persons
Capacity (minus T-Top): 10 persons







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